Kinfolk gathering : April 2015
Beneath the Surface

Kinfolk gatherings are known wordwide for a great spirit and fine style. This April we gathered to taste dishes made of root vegetables, everything from drinks and starters to fabulous beetroot cake. My participation embraced styling and graphic design.


In the city of Lisbon one has no courage to call winter by its name: spring is perhaps the longest season here. Therefore the shadows are still cold in April, and long dinners invite for coziness: meeting new friends, celebrating the very essence of things – going back to the roots of how we live, how we meet, what we eat.

Root vegetables serve as a stage dish for this encounter for sensing that what surrounds us, becomes part of us. It will be a commemoration of tastes lying under the ground – the ones closer to the core of the planet we call home.

Kinfolk : Beneath the Surface – Little Upside Down Cake
Location: Baixa House
Food concept : Filipe Lucas Frazão
Graphic Design and illustration : Egle Bazaraite
Styling: Joana Teixeira | Egle Bazaraite | Sanda Pagaimo
Photography : Sanda Pagaimo

Baixa House
Chilli com todos
Egle Bazaraite
Quinoa Organic Bakery